Hitting it with some quiet storm with Switch’s “I call your name”.  Coming off the Switch II album in 1979, this cut hit the R&B charts top 10.  Here we have a pretty cool pool of talent and production to formulate a winning combination.

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This is not El (as in Debarge) on lead vocals but his brother Bobby who is also hailed as a great falsetto ranked among the likes of Phillip Bailey and Eddie Kendricks.  We also have James Ingrams’s brother Phillip ‘switching’ out as lead vocalist on some of the cuts on the album.  Put them under the production of Jermaine Jackson, who’s wife Hazel also makes and appearance as composer on the album, and slap it all on the Gordy label, and you’ve got yourself a solid Motown sound record.

Switch 2

Album-Switch II     Label-Gordy Records  Released 1979

Click here to download your copy: https://amzn.to/3aJIcaC