OhioPlayers_HoneyMercury Records-Released 1975

When these cats released their 7th LP Honey in 1975, they got that sweet stuff combination down. This record hit Billboard’s top 100 in pop and R&B at it’s peak with a little assistance.   Aside from the provocative album cover, many of you may know about the buzz (pun intended) that their hit, Love Rollercoaster created with that scream around the 2:32 mark.  Check it out and you decide.

Supposedly, one theory is that the model on the album cover was in the studio taking the picture while the band was recording and got burned to death while eating or being covered in super heated honey. Thus the death scream of agony ensued and made the final cut of the record.  Sounds reasonable to me.  Or…it might have just been group member Billy Beck feeling the funk.  Take your pick of which urban legend was the most way out, but I’m sure my boys didn’t mind as it no doubt helped drive album sales.