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April 2016

Sweetest Taboo: Sade

Listen to the song, “Sweetest Taboo” by Sade and it won’t take long until it takes you away.  I could name a handful of songs that do that to me every time and this is one of them. (“In a silent way”, Miles Davis, “Burnin’ Bush”, EWF, …)


The Nigerian born Sade Adu developed her musical facilities in London and if you hear the very apparent Latin influence in the music it most likely due to her time with her London based Latin Funk band where she co-wrote “Smooth Operator”.  “Sweetest Taboo” has so many vibes going on it’s almost impossible to definitely confine it to one genre.  I hear the Latin of course, Jazz, R&B, and categorized some places as quiet storm, adult contemporary, and sophisti-pop .  Watch in the video right about 2:00 mark where she does her little salsa inspired moves.  Add in those gorgeous piercing eyes which, speaking for myself, I can’t look away from.  Once the horns come in about 2:45 Sade demonstrates her control when the horns build up and she actually gets softer.  Then I’m completely done when that smooth sexy voice hits that high at about 2:57.  

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Album:Promise – 1985  Label: Epic

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Jamaica Funk–That’s What It Is

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