Album-Communication    Label-United Artist 1972

Right from the start of the song any listener has to stop and at least half pay attention as the guitar starts whining that soulful riff.  Then, you are already hooked when Mr. Bobby Womack starts talking with us.

In this jam my man is talking about how trying relationships can be.  He  calls out Annie Mae, you all know one of those…the kind that needs a man herself.  When no more words will do, Bobby tells to his girl to think it over, think it over.  I bet at this point he has all the ladies thinking it over.

This cut hit Billboards top 100 in 1972 and reached the top 10 R&B charts.   Through his very sought after guitar playing and raspy bluesy voice, Womack brings that raw and gritty soul to his music that is perfectly demonstrated in this song.  It seems fitting  as he was once Sam Cooke’s protege’.  Many big name artists have covered various Bobby Womack songs.  This song in particular was probably most notably covered by Aretha Franklin, which to me locks him in as a bona fide soul legend.